Your games.
Where you want it.

A marketing tool to boost engagement and sales.
Starting from MYR 499 per day.

Why create your own games?

Games are the most engaging multimedia in the world. Games for Brands provides a secure and effective way to add the element of fun to your brands.

We have your back(end) covered.

Our Customised Dashboard handles all the technical details and summarises it for you. Modify challenges and rewards with just a few clicks.

3-Steps to your game.

1. Select a game.

Test our collection and find the best fit.

2. Customize the content.

Add your logo, artwork and sound.

3. Build it!

A link will be provided when it's done. Then just copy and paste it onto your platform!

Gamification works because it triggers real, powerful human emotions.

Happiness, intrigue, excitement...

These are positive user experiences. And positive user experience leads to better engagement, loyalty and higher sales.

Go LIVE in minutes.

Customize, revolutionize.

Save countless of development hours by simply uploading your artwork into the template.

Make it as professional, or as ridiculous as you deem fit.

Unlock your inner Game Master.
No coding required.

Design your Quest.

Use the QR scanner, add geolocation, create a treasure hunt.

Some rewards are only for the most dedicated, and you can make them prove it.

Reward distribution.

Design how players get rewarded. Make it easy, or difficult.

Reward them in-game, by email, or even contact them manually for that extra special something.

Your game.
Your DATA.

Private and compliant.

Collect data to grow and connect to your own audience.

GDPR-Ready, for the protection of you and your players.

Analytics, simplified.

Track the game's performance, reach and player habits in an easy to digest dashboard.

Export your data in the format of your choice.

Say Hi!

Contact us at for any questions, and our experts will be in touch. Alternatively, tell us what your game is for and stand a chance to win exclusive deals.

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